Thursday, March 30, 2023


After a long time I decided to continue the presentation of my work throughout this blog.

Choosing to be absent and without an account in social media I feel it's the right moment to give this blog an extra push. 

Frozen Goulash was my last diorama project for almost two and a half years. Business and family have taken up most of my time for a long period but things seems to be in the right order right know.

A diorama I had in my mind for a long time started. The idea came from reading 'The Anne Frank diary'  book. My new project is the Anne Frank real house that she has been hidding for almost three years through the German occupation in Amsterdam.The building still exists so I found a lot of reference photos and with the help of Google Earth I could have a perspective of the street where the house is. I have lived in Holland for almost a year at 2002 and I obtained the sense of the Dutch architecture and colors of the city.

The colored house in the next photo is Anne Frank's and it is a museum nowdays. The address is Prinsengracht 263 in Amsterdam.

Some photos of the street at present.

The next photo is the oldest one I could find and it is taken a while after WW2 so it's my basic reference for the architecture of the buildings in my diorama. The building at its present condition has some slight changes from the condition at 1940's, mainly at the entrance from which my reference photo shows.

next post will be construction.