Monday, February 8, 2021


  German soldiers and Tiger tank crew accepting with pleasure a small lunch break through their retreat from Hungary at the end of February.  A portion of traditional 'goulash' in the frozen country is most welcomed.
Figures came mostly from Verlinden and Dragon with Hornet heads and some conversions. 
Painted in acrylics. Swan with his babies came from Tamiya's Live stock set.

Microballons and baking soda was my base for snow effect

After a lot of tests and efforts I succeded to what I thought it could be a realistic winter scene

The final setting with the figures made me to move the tree to the backround  of  the diorama and leave a broken tree trunk in the foreground


 Diorama Frozen Goulash finished at the last months of 2018.

 I manage to construct all the elements needed to create a convincing frozen scene of Hungary in the February of 45. I cover the base with soil and create the pattern where the tank will be finally positioned.

All the rocks glued in plase and slowly completed the base, repositioning elements like trees and small rockes until the scene that looked more correct created.

Dead roots and dry leaves in a combination 
with paper and photoetched plants helped my to create the scene  I was looking for.

Next step will be snow, mud and resin for the river and for small puddles across the street

a flash from the past....

 I see now that already passed almost four years from my last post here. I stop showing my work for different reasons. A couple of dioramas finished since then,and  I have left this one in the middle. 

Maybe, the so frustrated times we are all living, gave me the free time I was looking for to focus a little bit more in this part of my modelling life.

Keep safe and keep modelling,


Modelling Hobby help us be our true selfs in these strange times  

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

King Tiger

The tank is an older Dragons kit with late type tracks. I change them with a seperate link set ftom Tamiya and minor detailing added

 Primed with a dark brown and  basecoted  with  dunkegeld in a soft modulation style

 Camo painted freehand with enamels
 After some washes and scratches
Tank commander is a mix from Verlinden(torso)  Dragon(hands) and Hornet(head) painted in acrylics

Sunday, September 3, 2017

I needed a winter tree for my scene so I made one from real branches and dried roots

 The base formed with a wooden frame and real soil and rocks added
 And a first test of all the elements of the diorama

Frozen Goulash

My next project depicts a winter scene in Hungary during 1945. A King Tiger tank pass through the bank of a lake during the retreat of the German forces. A band of soldiers  offers to the tank crew some food for a small rest.
Starting the project I desided to scratchbuild a traditional Hungarian farm house. Some reference photos from the wed, placticard, papercard and evergreen stripes helped me to buid it