Thursday, June 25, 2015

New project

A new diorama is on the bench. It is placed in West Germany during the last two months of the war. I always wanted to construct a watermill and now it is the time to build it. This will also be my first diorama in a forest section so it is an opportunity for me to test my skills in presenting a nature environment.
The watermill walls cutted in cardboard and balsa beams glued were the wood supports should be. I create bricks from colored plaster and I built the walls between the wood supports. More plaster filled the sims and the section walls were ready.

 The base took shape with Dow blocks and  some paper tissue for a solid base to work on. White glue covered everything and sand and small stones sparkled over the entire base. The stone bridge and wall are made of plasterboard with with sculpted details. Bridge floor came from commercial mold .The rocks are natural stones in a very fine shape.

                                          A mill stone added in the internal