Friday, October 10, 2014

M 84

Unfortunately the Maus project never finished. A lack of inspiration for the theme  make my choice of leaving it aside for now
One of my latest builds is this Yugoslavian M84A converted from Tamiya kit with a  conversion set of Terre models for the turrent. Some minor details added from wiring  and the painting done with acrylics

 And after the painting finished


  1. you made one big mistake, lower hull is M84A but turret is M84 and that doesn't go together. M84A has 6 smoke launchers on both sides of turret,extra armor plate on front (tamiya version) and oil filter instead of one gas tanks on right side.

    1. Richard thank you very much for your notifications.
      So I should have use the lower hull from Svezda maybe? If you have any photos of the parts need to be changed are welcome. Once again thank you for your corrections